How To Fill Hot Sauce In Bottles

The pandemic has moved people to live a very healthy lifestyle. People have stopped using products made in factories and are moving towards organic food made in homes. Hot sauces are at the top of this homemade organic food list. There are hot sauce bottles available in the market to store homemade sauce.

How To Prepare Bottles To Store Hot Sauce

One can use multiple methods to fill the hot sauce in the bottles. But it is very important to prepare these bottles before filling them. Here you go with the methods to fill the bottle.

The Sanitization Method

Sanitization of the bottles is an important task so that there are no germs left in the bottle. When we talk about sanitization, sanitizing tablets is one of the premium methods. Here you go with the method to make the bottles ready.

  • Take a gallon of water and add a single tablet to this to make the solution.
  • Keep all the bottles inside the solution for almost fifteen minutes.
  • Take the bottles out. They are ready to be used.

Vinegar Soaking

Vinegar has some amazing anti-bacterial properties. Make a solution in the water with vinegar and soak the bottles in. Now wash the bottles. Store the sauces in the bottles.

Boiling Water

Boiling water is one of the traditional ways to deal with the cleaning problem. You can boil the sauce bottles at a certain temperature and kill all the germs.

Methods To Store The Sauce In Bottles

Making sauce at home might not be hard, but storing it is a tough job, and pouring it into bottles requires a lot of effort. Here you go with some methods to help pour the sauces into the bottle.

Pneumatic Piston Filler

Pneumatic piston filler is a convenient way of filling sauces on a large scale. You can also add a sensor to the filler, which automatically fills the sauce in the bottles. The filler is quite accurate as it offers a 1 percent tolerance.

The Pitcher/Funnel Method

The pitcher and funnel method is one of the oldest methods to pour things into bottles. You can use it to pour sauces into the bottle. The method is easy to use but is not good for large product filling.

The Manual Piston Filler

The piston is a filler that is quite easy to use. In this method, you must put the whole sauce in the filler and then eject it into the bottles. The method is easy to operate and clean.


There are multiple methods to store the sauces, but the bottling method is best as it can work for a long time. Sauce bottles with multiple capacities are available in the market. has the best collection of these bottles. You can go to the website and buy these to store your sauces in their best condition.



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